365 Days of Prayer – Day 110

Something happened to remind me to remind people how important it is to pray when there is need to take a life. This could be for any reason: plants I am gathering for medicinals or food; a farm animal I have raised for food; or a prayer for the hunters to bring in the game food.

I have shared stories recently of Hem, my tree friend. In his grove stands an aged tree who had been a sapling two hundred years ago when people clear cut the Hemlocks of this valley for the tanning industry. This tree was angry and mornings Alan and I could feel under attack from its projections of fear.

When I visit Hem, we experience much joy in each others’ presence. This elder tree would watch, and project its resentment. It clearly did not trust humans. But I would talk to it. I would ask it not to try to poison my relationship with Hem, because I am not like those people who clear cut the trees of its memory. And I asked it to forgive me so that I could enjoy Hem. This tree was not budging in its opinions or its suspicion. Yet something changed.

Yesterday morning I felt fearful, so I consciously stepped into the fear as my Wind Clan friend Brigid Hopkins suggested I do when my repressed emotions present themselves for healing. I stepped into the fear, and deliberately intensified the emotion. As I did this, the fear faded, and behind my eyes I was no longer Susan, but the tree I am telling the story about.  I was so afraid of the loggers daily coming closer and closer to where I was planted, and feeling keenly the deaths of my people, some dying after lives as long as six hundred to one thousand years, their lives abruptly ended without prayer, without ceremony, without permission.

Her story was heartbreaking.

I brought prayer. I brought ceremony. I called upon the help of my tutelary spirits for something I could not do on my own. This venerable tree has carried her fear for over two hundred years, the tree version of PTSD. With the help of the tutelary spirits, we created sacred space for her healing and her peace of mind.

If these loggers had been conscious of the spiritual beingness of these trees , would they have been so wasteful, or so careless of the value of their lives?

Long ago I read of a Native American practice of praying to the spirit of the being whose life was being sought to meet the tribe’s need to survive. Offerings were made and prayers were said. The spirit of the being was assured that no part of it would be wasted. Every part would be used. And eventually the humans too would lay down their bodies to return to the natural world. All of this was consciously realized and accepted. The prayers made the connection to the spirit of the animal for the spirit of the people and the needs were met and gratitude given.

Here is a “fill in the blank” kind of prayer to ask for and give honor to the gifts of the Earth. Or maybe something else will move you to write your own ceremony. I pray that you will.

Holy Mother Earth, Sacred Father Sky, and all who live in-between. Today I have the need __________________ (fill in the blank by naming your need). I seek _______________ in order to ___________. (I seek medicinals in order to heal, or I seek the deer in order to have meat for the coming winter, or I thank this animal that I have raised for its life in providing me with meat). I know that my own time of dying will come, and at that time I will give my own life to sustain those who come after me. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 95

Stillness is another gift of teaching to come my way from my Tree friend “He.” I have mentioned before that one of my jobs is as a school bus driver, and there is a lot that my attention catches and must process on the job: careless and impatient drivers, the tedium of traffic lights, variable weather during this winter season, and not the least, the behavior of the children in my care.

At least once a week – which is about all the time I have this time of year – I visit “He” personally. We are of course often connected through HZSN, the Reiki Rune for distance healing, and via telepathy, but nothing beats the up close and personal. “He” lives in a forest that is now protected by the ownership of the NYSDEP, where loggers or any other interference with the drinking water of NYC are prevented. I take my dog for a walk and visit “He.”

Following the respectful advice given by Sandra Ingerman, I request of “He,” to enter his energy field. The answer is always an unequivocal “Yes!” “He” tells me he experiences the presence of moving beings such as myself and animal-kind as energies near to or away from himself. He senses the touch of my hands as kind of a liquid energy of grace that flows into him when I am near.

For myself, I experience “He” as an enveloping energy of green-ness, love, prescience and kindness. There is an art to listening to trees that means I turn off my internal voice and listen with the awareness of my heart. When I do this I become still. In this stillness, “He” and I merge. We remain two separate beings, but we are merged into the peacefulness that we bring to each other. There is much more depth to our friendship than this, but it is what I have time to say today.

Creator, I pray for “He’s” continued health and well being. I express love for this tree and for you, today, Creator. That this life has its share of common miracles and joys. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 94 Blocked Chakras

Yesterday I started to talk about unblocking chakras. My Crown and Brow were blocked and it took me a couple days to realize why. I have been working to release negative thoughts and form new pathways in my revolving thinking. Some of these thoughts were toxic and followed pathways worn in my tired brain since childhood when resentment at my sister flourished in lieu of thoughts of well being and achievements. But that’s my stuff – ain’t no one else’s business. I make note only because I realize we all have some unworthy thoughts that float around connected to negative behavior loops that can trip us up at the most unexpected of times, sometimes to great embarrassment. That didn’t happen this time, but I had received some healing in the form of divinations a friend performed for me and a healing grid another has set up. So to take advantage of all this supporting love, I am following the prescriptions. Cast out hate, bring in love, and act from the present moment in all ways. Let be what will be, let come what will come, have no worries, no doubts and be of good faith. OK!

For about a day and a half this was easy. Then yesterday morning I woke up with a blocked head – the energy manifests in me as a sinus cold – and the light bulb finally clicked on that this is blocked energy! Duh! I have been through this often enough before, I would hope to catch it sooner, but my excuse is that life is distracting. OK!

I have given teachings for Tree Meditation in an earlier blog on the chakras. My matron goddess, Frau Holle, had suggested to me about a month ago that I deepen my relationship with this particular tree I befriended a few years ago, so I did. I went to “He” and asked how we could deepen our friendship with each other. The tradition of GEBO, the Rune of gifting, teaches that gifts are always exchanged. Out of integrity, in my request to partner with this tree, I wanted to be certain that I was giving as well as receiving. “He” and I agree to share energetic healing, exchange of energy at need, love, and small gifts such as I can bring to him or that the forest offers through him to me. Mostly we gift each other Presence. 

This is a fun play on words, is it not? Presence – Presents.

But any way, just when I needed him most, “He” merged with me as I ran my energy from Crown to Root chakra, and I was able to sense my Brow and Crown chakras again. Some debris remains, but I am working through that today.

Creator, I really, r-r-really, give thanks for my Tree friend “He” and the gifts of energy that we are able to share when we merge. I am grateful that “He” links me to the energy of his grove. I am thankful for the beauty of the merging of energies that allows me to experience a wonderful fullness of life on multiple levels. Amen-Aho

365 Days of Prayer – Day 93 Blocked Chakras

Today I am grateful for Tree Medicine as my friend “He” today helped me clear toxic energy from my Brow and Crown Chakras. I haven’t spoken much about these two chakras yet, and perhaps won’t for a while, except to say that the Brow chakra is a powerful center for developing one’s intuition and intention, and that the Crown chakra is where we, each and every single one of us, is connected to Source. In fact I find too much to say on these two chakra and the ideas that I will limit myself to the moment, and repeat, because I feel this is very important: The Crown chakra is where each and every one of us is connected to Source.

Friends, it does not matter what religion you have or what ideas you hold or whether your priest or pastor is someone you really respect and look up to. I want to emphasize again, that each and everyone of us is connected to Source. Source animates us, gives us our life, our breath, our being, and the opportunity to incarnate again and again in the physical realm. No one can experience Source in the exact same way that you can or that you will! And I want to emphasize how very special that is! So celebrate your religion, but honor the fact that someone else’s religion is special to them too! Celebrate your gods as I celebrate mine! Honor your Tree friends as I honor mine!

I somehow got off my original topic, but that’s okay too. It gives me more topic for the next blog!

Creator, today I want to thank you for my special friendship with “He.” “He” helped me clear stagnant energy from my upper story chakras today. But also I especially want to thank you that none of us will ever experience our relationship with you in exactly the same way. And because it works that way, the potential exists to keep life light, honest, and refreshing! Aho!

365 Days of Prayer – Day 88 – actual Tree Meditation with “He”

I visit my American Hemlock friend every Saturday morning when I am free from work. I call my tree friend “He,” although I am not certain he is he or she or both. “He” is always glad to see me; we are energetically connected and work healing for each other. I will post some photos when I am at a time or place to download them. But I digress. I intend to explain the process of “Tree Meditation” by describing my relationship with this beautiful tree. “He” is an evergreen with delicate flat needles and two silver stripes on the bottom half of the needle.

My tree friend senses me coming. When I arrive at his place, I greet him by taking off my gloves and placing both hands palm up against his bark. I have taken the trouble to ground and center on my walk to where he lives, so that my sensation is already intentionally activated. Our energies merge. Because I am in contact with a being who lives the exercise I am talking about, awareness of the sensation of rooting and crowning comes easily.

Together we “root.” I am aware of his roots as they actually exist in the soil. I send my own roots down. One of the recent lessons I have taken away from this practice with my friend “He” is that so much of what roots me are old ideas of ways of how to be in the world. With “He” guiding me, I am able to follow the roots of my inner awareness to sense those roots that feed my present and future well being versus those that don’t. The ones that feed me I can consciously strengthen. The ones that don’t I can consciously intend to shrivel up and die. I ground myself not only in Earth, but in those areas of my life I want to evolve.

Together we “crown.” At the top of my head are tiny points that activate and draw in sami (sky, light, air, wind energy). Through my hands on He’s bark I can sense his own feeling of himself as he draws in energy from the biosphere of Earth, the energies of Sun and Moon, and Stars. I become aware of the finite gradations of these energies within my own body, and it is a beautiful thing. The inhaling and exhaling of energy accompanies the patterns of our own breathing, until we are vibrating in synchrony with each other. Through He’s energy field I can sense his experience of drawing in these energies, his many branches receiving and sending energies from the forest beings around him (some are other Hemlocks and some are pine), his crown taking in the more delicate and delectable energies of the Stars. He shows me by his own experience how to soften and relax into the reciprocal giving and receiving of divine energies.

Life calls, and I need to leave to take care of the things of life. To keep our tie strong even though we are far apart, I have brought He gifts of a quartz crystal I have a working tie to, and a small sun that a dear friend gave me for Christmas a short year before she passed. He has a couple of hollows that he has been repairing and almost healed over. With He’s permission I placed these gifts inside his own body. I like to imagine that years from now, when He has healed over these splits in his trunk, that He contains his own Sun and holy crystal.

Trees have chakras too, but the information I have received has not been verified by other seers. It “feels” to me as though trees have a main chakra at the base from which their roots grow into the ground, another higher up the trunk at the juncture from which their branches begin and which grows ever higher as the tree grows taller and sheds the first branches of its youth, and smaller chakras along each root and branch. But as I said, this is information I have received that has not been verified by sharing with other seers. **Other seers, on this matter I would welcome feedback!**

“He” the tree heals me through his rooting and crowning and exchange of energy. He can take my mood and ground sadness in earth. I heal “He” through a crystal grid I have set up as the Medicine Wheel and pendulum work. When He has taken on too much hucha the pendulum calls in a strong wind and blows it away counterclockwise, then calls in clear energy clockwise.

Creator, I am most grateful for my deep and benevolent relationship with my American Hemlock friend “He.” Together we are learning about energy management consciously. Together we are appreciating the gifts two very different species can offer one another. I wish to pray for other humans to experience these types of very special relations within Nature’s realm whether via gardening, hiking, hands on healing or their own friendships with animals. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 87 – Chakra management, a Tree meditation

When I started writing about the Chakras, my goal was to help my readers to manage their energy by moving from chakra to chakra, but it really is not that random. I really don’t know that any body can tell you HOW to manage your energy systems or your chakras, but someone can guide you through their own experiences WHILE keeping in mind that our experiences will still be our own.

So still with this goal in mind, the biggest thing you can learn is to be AWARE of your energy and how it moves through awareness of  your own body. Don Petacchi used to call this Intentional Sensation, and really this is a good name for it. Once I took a class on Sensory Awareness and this was what it was – Sensation practiced intentionally for a purpose. Eventually you can become aware of which chakras are gaining energy or losing energy and then mindfully manage your experiences.

An awareness exercise that I share frequently, often, and many times with other people (at the risk of redundancy which is my weird humor) is the Tree Meditation. Other folks have shared this Tree Meditation with me also. No two people will teach it in exactly the same way, so a little quietude on my part can open me up to new variations on a common theme. It is really fun to actually experience this with a real tree, and if you have a tree handy to seek out and merge awareness with: Wonderful! But if you don’t, then imagination will have to do.

Standing straight, stretch as tall as you can. Reach your arms up over your head, stretch your feet into the earth and experience that delightful sensation of loosening up your own body. Put your arms down, then stretch up again, and down, inhaling and exhaling consciously and just feeling your way into your own body as much as possible. When you feel limber to become lumber, stretch upward again and downward and then “root.” Do you remember when we did the grounding exercise and we breathed our way into roots and branches? Well, that is what we do here. Grow your roots deep into earth and branches way up into sky. Become aware as much as possible of the exchange of energy between the earth and your feet and your “branches” – your arms, hands, fingers, and crown of your head – and the sky.

You can actually feel the difference in these energies. That heavier dense energy of earth is what the Peruvian Paqos call hucha, and that light as air energy of sky and wind is what the Peruvian Paqos call sami.

We can shed denser energies into earth, because this is food for the earth.

Likewise we can call in sami when we need to lighten up. Try laughing. Imagine the leaves on your branches rustling in the wind like laughter. Try it out. Now don’t you feel better?

If you have a chance to practice this simple awareness exercise with a real tree, so much the better. You can go to a park or a forest or wherever you find a tree that seems to call you. Remember that we each have energy fields and that often our energy fields overlap without conscious awareness? Today you will use that awareness of energy fields consciously. Ground and center yourself, and then ask the tree if you may enter its energy field. You may sense a yes or a no as a feeling of welcome or of rejection. Don’t be discouraged. I have met grumpy trees who looked beautiful, but wanted nothing to do with me. Find another. When you find one that welcomes you, you simply merge energy fields and allow your sense of awareness to inform you. Trees have given me real gifts and no two are ever quite the same, even within the same species! This may be a tree you visit once, or one you may even develop a long term relationship with, which opens the door for you to learn a lot from each other.

But I digress. We have been talking about meditation today, while this post is under the guise of 365 days of prayer.

There is a point at which – WE BECOME THE PRAYER. I emphasized this as well as I could. When we are fully alive, living fully in our body, with full emotional awareness and conscious being, fully engaged with our own energy body – how many ways should I try to say this? We become the prayer. Our vibrational field becomes the force for the manifestation of the prayer. But just because, here goes:

Creator, guide the development of my energy body so that I may be of service to other forms of life beyond my own being. Guide the development of my mind in its becoming further aware of other beings. Guide my emotional state – its wellness and its clearing so that I may be the best and clearest channel I may be for the higher good of all. Amen.