365 Days of Prayer – Day 120 – Snow!

We had snow yesterday. After a warm winter and being able to stay home, I find I can actually enjoy this white stuff without the stress of shoveling the driveway or having to get to work by a specific time.

The snow blankets the wild areas so beautifully, and soon I shall have to walk the dog and wading through the snow will be like writing my personal signature in the white areas: Susan was here! I used to feel like that as a child. Age is said to offer that gift of a “second childhood,” but really I don’t feel at all senile! But today it will be deep boots.

But also more seriously, after having taken a few days to adjust myself to the changes life has suddenly brought, I am finding a need to sit down and keep a calendar to provide some structure to my situation. Ideas for writing are pummeling me, so it is time to provide self some structure, take care of the necessary, and then enjoy the time to sit down and put words on computer.

However you are utilizing your days, stay home and stay healthy, until we meet again!

Creator, thank you for beauty and normality amid these times of chaotic changes going on in the world these past few weeks. I am grateful humanity is finding ways to cope and cooperate, and I pray that these lessons stick with us, even in ordinary times. Amen.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 64

It is really just the start of winter, and already I am longing for Spring and my garden. I suppose it is because winter is supposed to be a season of rest, but often the weather makes more work for me to get out of the home and to my job on time. It has become a matter of self-discipline to stop thinking about how hard things can get, and find gratitude for each moment in the day.

Still, I am posting this photo of last year’s Daffodils just to remember that shape of beauty.

Creator, without the cold season I could not appreciate the warm season. Thank you for all the seasons, especially the seasons of the heart.

365 Days of Prayer – Day 60

The perennial nature of evergreens like this rhododendron speaks to the perseverance of plants to continue even through the persistent cold and blowing snow of the winter season. During the winter-time they set their roots more deeply. The energy of the sun persists in this deep rooting.

People can be like that. We walk upright on the earth, our heads to the sun and our feet to the ground, rooting our souls (soul=sol, another name for the sun) into our life on earth. Our life on earth is the horizontal plane our arms make when we expand them to take another person into a hug or in an act of prayer, like the trees reaching out their branches, also to the sun.

All of us participate in life. During the day time we go about the business of living – plants, animals, people. At night something different happens. When the action of life pauses with the night time, the energies of the diverse kinds of trees in the forest blends. This blending is a kind of oneness, like the mystics talk about when they claim, “All is One!” We can experience this merging in our awareness of the life forces surrounding us.

Creator, thank you for winter which teaches me like the plants to deepen my roots and forge my inner strength against the excesses of the season. Thank you for the joining I can experience within the blended awareness of life when the sun sets and the night falls. Amen – Aho