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SPIRIT FEST • Saturday November 10th • 9:30 am to 4:00 pm • Institute for Spiritual Development, LOTUS CENTER located at 41-45 Dietz Street, Oneonta, NY • Includes six free workshops, readings, and energy healing by several talented Psychics, including myself, and Energy Healers • There is no admission fee, and the Psychic Reading fee is $25/15 minutes • Also available is metaphysical shopping and Raffle Prizes! Proceeds to benefit ISD.

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For a preview of my free Workshop from 1:00 – 1:45 p.m., please read below!

I wanted to give you a preview of my workshop. The talk has a long title: “The Norns, Scandinavian Goddesses of Fate and Destiny, the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds, and the Wells of the Tree.” The topic is largely about emotional healing and includes how the Worlds of the Norse Tree of Life relate to the Chakras and other energy systems we may already be familiar with. The Wells of the Tree correlate with human bio-physiology and how we psychologically process emotion. I expect to give you some insights during the talk on emotional healing.

2013 was a year of revelations for me. The Runes “downloaded” themselves to my understanding. The Nature Spirit (or Angel of the West Kill) that flows behind my home introduced me to the Norns, Scandinavian Goddesses responsible for overseeing the “Weave/Web of Wyrd” (the fate and destiny of humanity). They guide me in understanding ways of energy work. Soon afterwards, the Death Goddess, Hela, made contact with me. Heimdall, the God who guards the Rainbow Bridge (Bifrost), and watches for the Ragnarok to blow the Horn at the End of Time, took a dive down my Universal Energy Core and hooked me up to the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds, Yggdrasil. Since then, I have been upon an intense journey of intuitive meditation and substantiated research to support that intuition, which I am working on a book about.

I hope to see you there! The time of my workshop is 1:00 – 1:45 pm. To schedule your reading with me, please call (518) 989-6428 or (518) 947-0645 or email me. Scheduling in advance will guarantee your opportunity for a Reading with me!


I Write Because…

Someone asked me who the audience for this book, The Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty: Call to the Well of Soul, might be, so to find the answer, I went within, to locate who I was writing for. I had a story – the Norns, Scandinavian Goddesses of Fate & Destiny, and Hela, Norse Goddess of Death, had shown up to spirit-lead me into a path of shamanic practice. But why was I writing?

I write because the act of writing liberates me. I began because I had too much stuff wedged way down inside me — too many negative emotions, pain and suffering that no one else wanted to hear, and I didn’t either. The meanest teachers ever from third and fifth grade, the things somebody said that made me feel bad – awful – about myself, the sense of abandonment and betrayal and loss, mistakes I had made – I had deaths inside me, tears inside me, and the JUNK that I was holding on to because at some very deep level I had come to believe that this was what defined me, made me who, how and what I am. Somehow along the way of writing, releasing bit by piece, I realized that things inside me were turning over, and I was freer. Overcoming fear, overcoming what is buried within, digging up the dead from inside myself was very liberating. NOT in the sense of self vindication, but in the sense of LIBERATION! Working with the GNG (Goddesses of the Nitty Gritty) freed me from all that, and I want to share liberating aspects of the teachings.

I expect the story to primarily interest women who follow the Norse pantheon, who wish to understand with greater clarity an esoteric interpretation of the Lore, who are maybe already working as healers or energy workers, and are interested in the self-transformation inherent in Rune study and the Worlds of Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life. Since Creek Woman introduced me to the Norns, who taught me aspects of the Weave, I have followed a path that has proven very liberating for me as a woman. Norse women were regarded as equal to, but not the same, as the men, and everybody in the community worked together for the survival of all.

This book explores my inward journey as I was led primarily by the Norns and Hela. Life review, Vision/Shamanic Journey, and the Runes were among the tools to release the emotional suppression that separated me from my true self, and lift me up into the wonder of Yggdrasil, the Norse Tree of Life and Worlds. The Old Norse teachings are an amazing roadmap into the soul and the understanding of the human consciousness process.

I consider myself a reformed Christian who now follows the heathen path of my long-ago Ancestors. I do not reject the healing ways of Jesus, but I questioned everything that rang false to my conscience. If Jesus loves everybody, then why would people who lived before Jesus ever came to Earth be doomed to hell? Yes, that really was a question I asked my mother, and she answered, “Because they didn’t know him.” Well, how could they? I wanted to find out what the soul was, did any part of a person live beyond the death of the body, and how would we know?

At the ripe old age of eighteen, I met people in college and we discovered we shared memories of past lives in common – just from different viewpoints. I did not have to question rebirth – I had the experience of it. I learned from other religions – Ba’hai, Buddhism, Taoism – and I kept what made sense to me. I studied Gurdjieff, and I met teachers who had learned directly from Gurdjieff’s pupils. I was led to what I needed to learn. But all along self-doubt still assailed me, because I couldn’t see that I was worthy to learn, to follow my own life path.

In a day and an age when the word “Soul” seems to be a neglected or forgotten concept… In a day and an age when the common denominator among humanity seems to be a hidden rage rising ever closer to the surface… I feel that the deep concepts of the great thinkers Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff and Sigmund Freud are poignant for our time. When they said, “The Subconscious ought to be more properly the Consciousness of humanity,” what did they mean? Might it be true that people need this knowledge more than ever before when it is upon mutual good will that the survival of our species on earth seems to depend?

The root word of “psychology” is Psyche, the Greek word for “Soul.” “Soul” actually refers to the deepest, most profound aspect of our selves, the Wellspring of emotion from which we each find our best joy in life — or our worst habitual urges. The range of emotion colors all that is transcendent in humanity. Emotion is considered the feminine aspect of the self, and Thought the masculine aspect of the self. The marriage of the polarity of Emotion and Thought in an individual is the Alchemical Sacred Marriage. It is through the Well of Soul that we find our way.

Many of us get along well enough in life. But for some of us something happens, and we find our self locked into a moment of rude awakening. It might be as St. John of the Cross called a “dark night of the soul,” or the Bible a “prodigal son” moment. Whatever the cause, the shock comes as a “whole body insight” that life is not as we assumed it was. These are the moments we experience as friction that can lead to growth for our soul. If we listen – to the well of emotion deep within us that speaks through dreams and art, or those moments of intuition that break through into waking consciousness – we are guided for our ultimate highest good.

To begin to awaken our innate potential as independent individuals leading mindful and fulfilling lives, the practice of becoming emotionally open with our selves is part of what is addressed in this book. To become aware that the shadow side of emotion – an honest look at feelings of anger, envy, laziness, lust, greed, gluttony, or pride when they arise – is as a guidepost to what the soul truly needs – and to be able to suspend the “bad” emotion in its tracks to instead look at the “gift” it offers is to identify that which is truly needed for our well being.

Everybody is worthy. Women are worthy. Men are worthy.

I feel this idea so important for children too, because mothers are the greatest influence in children’s lives from the age of birth to six when their basic personalities are formed. We can nurture their joy of life or stuff it down by our actions, reactions, praise or criticism. I have made mistakes in my own mothering, and it is from my experience and my love for children and mothers that I speak.

I have my story about how shadowy goddesses from the Norse pantheon led me into right relationship to myself. From right relationship to myself everything else flows: love of my son, my husband, my community, my country, my Earth. There should be no shame or guilt in any of the choices I made as an individual, as a woman, as a mother. Rather as I honor myself I honor the larger whole to which I belong. I hope that my story will interest others.


Perthro and the Well of the Norns

Another viewpoint on Perthro:

The Old English Rune Poem reads "[ Lot box ] is always play and laughter among bold men, where warriors sit in the beer hall, happily together." Neither the Old Norwegian Rune Poem nor the Icelandic Rune poem address the Rune. Consequently it is often interpreted as the Rune of Chance, Gambling, and Luck.

However, I was studying Runelore, by Edred Thorsson, in preparation for a Rune Talk workshop. More specifically I was hand copying the list he provides in the Appendix (see p. 204-205) for the Anglo-Friesian Futhork, and I noticed the similarity in the drawings, and alternate drawings, of Runes numbered 14, 21, and 32, scratched below:

Rune Perthro Variations
Perthro - alternate interpretation


When I noticed that the shape of the Frisian drawn stave for Rune 14 Perthro, and Rune 21 for Lagu, water, was the same, I realized that in olden times Perthro probably stood for the Well of the Norns, or Urdr's Well located in Asgard where the Aesir meet at their lawgiving. This would give the Rune Perthro its current interpretation of chance, luck, and mystery, but what was lost was the Rune's original connection with the Well of the Norns. If this was indeed the original interpretation, the meaning could have been lost along with the traditional practice of women's mysteries, which were probably associated with the mystery of the womb and childbirth, around the time of the Romans conquests when the influx, migration, and intermingling of peoples disrupted old customs and introduced new ones. I have included Anglo-Frisian Rune 32 because of the similarity of the shape and the fact that the Rune's name, Stan, means Stone.

Quote from the Younger Edda, "...the norns, that dwell in the fountain of Urd, every day take water from the fountain and take the clay that lies around the fountain and sprinkle therewith the ash, in order that its branches may not wither or decay. This water is so holy that all things that are put into the fountain become as white as the film of an egg-shell. As is here said: An ash I know/Hight Yggdrasil;/A high, holy tree/ With white clay sprinkled./Thence come the dews/That fall in the dales./Green forever it stands/Over Urd's fountain. The dew which falls on the earth from this tree men call honey-fall, and it is the food of bees. Two birds are fed in Urd's fountain; they are called swans, and they are the parents of the race of swans." (Snorri, Chapter VII, V. 16

This passage from Snorri's Younger Edda supports my idea when I consider that the Rune itself looks like a cup, pot, or can turned on its side to pour or release water. The connection to Stan/Stone seems equally obvious to me because earth contains water. Earth and water are two elements that mingle in order to provide the chemistry necessary to life.

Water also provides a metaphor for the changing states of the Soul, and the presence of the swans at Urd's Well are a clue to the involvement of the Valkyries that ride to choose the slain for Valhalla. Only those who had lived lawfully would be chosen for that high estate - another clue given by the presence of Urd's Well is by the Thing and that the Norns are responsible for overseeing Ørlög, the Norse word most akin to karma, fate, destiny.




Perthro is the Mystery Rune associated with the Norns, ørlög, and the Unknown. It can be a Rune of omens, evolutionary change, or conversely addiction and stagnation. Another meaning of Perthro is “lockbox,” a Rune of games of chance, gambling, and luck. If this Rune shows up in a reading, it may mean don’t ask further questions. If you cannot clarify the meaning, stop asking. Yet as a person who has been taught by the Norns, I have learned that careful questioning during a divination can smooth the way to make the best choices to work through ørlög situations. Help will be given unless this is a spiritual test for the questioner. The key to questioning the Norns is a sincere willingness to do the work required with these conditions. Come to the work with an appropriate measure of humility. After all, we are talking about working through karmic (ørlög) conditions in terms of spiritual evolution, and usually these are problems we have caused our selves.

I also believe that the Rune Perthro refers to the well of the Norns, who are responsible for watering the World Tree from Urdr’s Well in Asgard. During one of my meditations with the Tree Yggdrasil, I learned that it is a very old symbol of divine awareness. To the people of ancient times dwelling amidst the ancient forests, trees were known to be conscious beings with which one could communicate, so a Tree of Life as a symbol for conscious awareness makes a lot of sense. Yggdrasil combines within itself all the elements of life throughout the biospheres, as do you and I. During the winter I studied the element of fire, I learned that all the elements integrate with each other, and have their analogs in the human condition. Fire is the analog of thought, as the element of water is to emotion. These two elements seem to oppose each other, yet at a point in our spiritual evolution, we come to the sacred marriage when thought and emotion are realized as opposite faces of the same coin.

The element of water features prominently in the Tree, from the oceans of Midgard, to the frozen waters of Niflheim, with the water vapor rising in the mornings and falling as dew in the valleys. The water from the Tree runs down to the root, condenses into rain, rises to the top of the tree as clouds, and supplies all the Worlds of Yggdrasil with the vital waters for life. There are three wells on Yggdrasil’s worlds: Urdr’s Brunner, Mimir’s Well, and Hvergelmer. I have seen in Vision these three wells merging into one well, and these too have their analog in a human being. The Rune itself looks like a well set on its side to pour water out. I think of it as the Well of the Water of Life that waters the Earth. Emotions are being. What we want we consciously or unconsciously draw toward us, and desire leads to manifesting life experience, which complicates us in ørlög situations. What goes around, comes around.

The Norns, Urdabrunner, Yggdrasil, and Oorlog

I sit with the Norns today, when the energy from the solar eclipse is still with me. We relax around Urdrbrunnr, women talking as we work together and discussing round robin the small common things that women talk about when they work together. We discuss family; we discuss our worries, concerns, and brag about our children. We learn who has a new baby and who has passed back over into the Realm of the Great Beyond. With the Norns, the talk is more metaphysical: Who is looking to take on a new lifetime and How Someone Else is considering what they want to explore while in human flesh. Urdrbrunnr sits nearby the upper root of Yggdrasil where it comes out in Asgard by the Aesir Thing-meet. Today the Aesir weren’t there, just women taking care of women’s tasks.

The Norns in the Old Norse Lore are the three maiden sisters responsible for the fate and destiny of human beings. Since they have “taken me up” I have learned that there are other nornir, those like me who are interested in helping with the tremendous amount of work the Norns oversee. Those of us who are still in flesh visit their realm in Dream or Waking Vision. Both methods work to learn from Them and of Them.

Last month I began dreaming of the Tree, the great Tree Yggdrasil which serves as Odin’s horse and which also, like the other Trees of Life from Creation myths around the Earth, serves to hold awareness of the Cosmos for human beings. The first three nights of dreaming I was journeying around the Tree guided by Freyr or Hela. Some people might not think Hela leaves her realm, Helheim, but She does, usually disguised, so that She can keep in touch with humanity. I do not remember the totality of these dreams, but I knew we were traveling by boat, rowing, stopping at certain points to drag the boat on to rocky shores where we went foraging into the woods or to meet and greet people before traveling on again. Everyone that I was introduced to was most polite, and I greatly appreciated the wild country we traveled through without benefit of road or highway. This countryside touched my soul in deep ways, and I always awoke refreshed and ready to carry on with my day’s tasks.

I was told that bringing all the content of my dreams into waking consciousness was not important; that the information I had received would make itself apparent at my need. The energy of our Subconscious will rise up with this need and provide that information. This works by being open to the messages of emotion, imagination, and daydream, which can clarify the truth inherent in our lives and in our souls: the practice of intuition. (For those less skilled at this practice, the discipline of regular meditation and prayer will strengthen skills that anyone can do).

The Tree, standing as it does for the awareness of men and Gods, serves to tie together loose aspects of self. Through it we can understand the waking consciousness and the sleeping/dreaming consciousness inherent within our being. According to contemporary psychological thought regarding “consciousness,” there is the waking consciousness, which is assumed to be the full sum of “consciousness,” and there is the Subconscious that includes both the “Superconscious” and the Unconscious which consists of every memory or every emotion we have ever repressed. However, according to meta-philosophical thinkers like G.I. Gurdjieff, the Subconscious more properly ought to be the conscious mind. Those who have developed their intuition as suggested above will probably understand this.

I think that lumping the “Superconscious” mind into the Subconscious category was a mistake on the part of scientists who really did not know the properties of the soul too well. In my experience, this part of myself resides alongside the waking consciousness, but it is not needed for the common tasks of life, but for the tasks of life which require making choices helped by the powers of insight. I consider these holy; they involve full communication with the part of myself regarded as the “Higher Self.” It is my soul, my fetch, my muse, my true self that infuses me, advises me, and sets me on the twin path of self discovery and self recovery.

The Norns work within all of this structure with their fleecing, spinning, weaving, and cutting of threads. One day Urdr sent me a Vision of herself spinning threads from clouds. I was able to understand from this Vision and the esoteric correlation of water with emotion that Urdr was spinning threads from desire, want, longing, and needs. Those familiar with the second Aett of the Elder Futhark will have an understanding of the forces the Norns work with. Water is the shape-shifter of the Elements. Modern science knows that water can be a solid – ISA, a liquid – LAGUZ, or air – ANSUZ. Water is therefore a good metaphor for emotions, because we know our emotions are always changing. Hel’s Aett, or octave, represents the forces of change and how we proceed through the dynamics inherent within change in sequence from HAGALAZ to SOWILO.

Urdr spins from the clouds water vapor that descends from the Realm of the Gods – Asgardr – and descends as rain or snow upon the Nine Worlds. Rain collects into larger bodies of water, becoming the “Serpent’s Bath,” where the Serpent protectively encircles Midgardh where the humans dwell. The Serpent represents both the protective and destructive forces of Kundalini, which is the divine energy provided for our lives by the Creator Gods Odin, Hoenir, and Lodhur, aka Woden, Vili, and Ve, and is passed on to us as essence in our DNA. The shape shifting aspects of water within us cover the course of Divine Inspiration (water vapor – ANSUZ), the emotions continually shifting within us (LAGUZ), and those that we have frozen (repressed) until we can process them (ISA).

Urdr’s threads form the basis of our Past – desires we had but did not act on, choices that we made and acted on (with positive or negative outcomes), and potentials we have not even realized (personal talents and hidden desires). Verdandi is continually weaving these threads together into a great tapestry that not only concerns individuals, but the patterns of our families, tribes, countries, and even the world. The choices humans make collectively have far reaching patterns that are difficult to see individually. At the end of our physical life, Skuld will cut the threads where they are. Whatever we have left undone, will be left undone. Whatever we had hoped to take with us will remain where it lies. This is why the ancient Ancestors placed such emphasis on having a good name, a reputation that can succeed you after you are no longer walking this earth in a physical body. I believe this tapestry of the Norns is equivalent to the Akashic Book of Records that Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet,” was able to access.

Choice and desire and action have consequences. In the Norse religion we have Oorlog (I do not have access to the O with the line through it, so I have borrowed the Dutch word), akin to the concept of Karma, wherein our actions have consequences. Science phrases it this way: “Any action will have an equal and opposite reaction.” Many of us act from feelings, the needs of the moment, or from reactive behavior patterns that have arisen with us from childhood into adulthood. The Buddhists call this conditioned arising and they have their teachings and practices of mindfulness to rise above all that. Christians who are true followers of their Rabbi Jesus practice forgiveness of wrongs done to them.

Odin offers us the path of the Runes. His sacrifice on Yggdrasil of him self to him self made it possible for the rest of us to access the Runic powers to rise through conditioned awareness to full awakening. Taking up the Runes, then, is taking up the opportunity for conscious being, a disciplined meter of work on self toward that aim – sacrifice of self to self. There are many fragmented selves living within us, parts of self that have been disowned and not recovered. A child self could act up, for example, and create a scene on the job that embarrasses one’s professional life. Odin offers us the Ravens, Huginn and Muninn, or Thought and Memory, toward this discipline.

In another Vision, Urdr called me to meet, and set me upon on her whirling spindle. I was twirled down to a cave on Jotunheim where Mengloth sat silent and handed me a mirror. When I looked into this mirror, I saw not one reflection of myself, but many self fragments that had not been incorporated into my larger sense of self. I almost lost my awareness to these self fragments, but a great effort of centering saved me. Mengloth silently braided a cord, attached it to the mirror, and gave it to me. Although she never spoke, she made it clear that I had to do the work of integrating these aspects of myself so that I could progress on my life path. Urdr gathered me back up to Urdrbrunnr on her spindle and sent me back into ordinary reality.

It is through visions like these that the Norns, Hela, and sometimes other Gods and Goddesses guide me on this path. I listen, watch, and do the work to the best of my ability. Hela has guided me through a Life Review to finish the work that Urdr and Mengloth set for me. Most of my inner healing related to child selves. It is in childhood that we are most sensitive and receive the emotional wounds that deflect us from our intended life course. Integrating the childhood selves involved assimilating the emotions that I repressed at those times, and because of this process I have journeyed toward wholeness. Recently Urdr told me that the bulk of her work with me was done, and that I would be working with Verdandi more now as I plan ways to actualize my life purpose. I was told somethings about my life purpose, other things I have to figure out as the path unfolds. There is learning that will come in the proper time, and learning I have already done yet need to integrate.

In developing a spiritual life, I am realizing that the commitment is to live in the Present moment, ready to listen and hear the Goddesses when they call, but in addition to that, living a conscious life means continually “clearing out the closets.” As a Reiki Master, I learned to work with healing energy. As a Mesa Carrier, I learned ways to work with the energy of Four Directions and to set up my altar according to my need. As a person who has been “taken up” by the Higher Powers of the Norse pantheon, I am continually reminded of the need to clear my own energy circuits, ground and center on a regular basis. The work is not over as long as I have life. The learning is exciting, and I hope to share more with people through my experiences as written in this blog and my book.