That Drooly Opportunistic Dog

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Dog was drooling. Old Lady and the Little Old Man had set out dinner. The rosemary covered roast he had made would be served with a spinach, feta, and olive salad. Old Lady picked up the bowls of salad and started for the table. Dog was really drooling now. Twin waterfalls were making a size-able puddle on the floor that was rapidly gaining the size of a lake. Old Lady stepped into the frothy mess. Dog’s saliva contains Ice, the Old Lady often insisted, because it is slippery. Old Lady stepped down into the lake of drool without really looking down at the floor. He foot began to slide forward, throwing her balance backward. Windmilling arms full of salad, Old Lady somehow managed to regain her balance, but not without scolding Dog – “Take your drool out of here!” Dog gave Old Lady a sheepish look, and with her tail drooping, exited the kitchen. Old Lady noticed that some of one of the salads had scattered upon the floor during the incident. “I’ll fix that Dog!” she muttered to herself, and picked up everything that had spilled, so that Dog would not get the reward of licking it up off the floor.

Old Lady, still annoyed with Dog for being such a drooly little creature (why Old Lady calls Dog the “little creature” when she stands at table height and weighs 100 pounds is anybody’s guess but the Old Lady’s), called Little Old Man to the table. Little Old Man cut the meat off of the delicious smelling roast. He had roasted it to medium rare perfection, and carefully laid precisely two small pieces of meat on his plate and on Old Lady’s plate. Somehow Dog had snuck back into the kitchen and once again was underfoot with twin waterfalls gushing from each side of her mouth. Old Lady had gobbled through her two little bits while Little Old Man was still slicing his and requested a third piece. (Bus driving made her hungry). Little Old Man cut a third piece and was carrying it toward Old Lady when Dog slowly began to make her move.

Little Old Man was moving slowly, and the piece of rare fresh meat was hanging from his hand rather haphazardly and just slightly above the level of Dog’s nose. Dog began very slowly to inch her nose toward the piece of meat dangling before her eyes. Old Lady saw Dog’s nose reach up, touch the piece of meat. Little Old Man in slow motion is halfway toward the table. Dog’s jaws start to open, but Little Old Man is within reach of Old Lady’s place now. Dog is really eyeballing that passing piece of meat. The moment is stretching out. Dog is sure that piece of meat is within her grasp, her mouth opens… and quick as a wink Old Lady thrusts her empty plate under the piece of meat just above Dog’s mouth. The meat falls on to the plate and Old Lady snatches her plate back to the table. Dog’s tail, which had been rising, now falls again. Her sad eyes rise to meet those of Old Lady’s. “And that is what you get for trying to steal my food!” Old Lady crows. With a sigh, Dog curls up in the middle of the kitchen, resigned now to waiting until Little Old Man and Old Lady have finished their own dinner and then will feed her.


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