The Norns on the Topic of Original Sin

I have been revisiting some of my old journals, and I came across this interesting tidbit from conversation with the Norns:

We are not born into original sin. We are born into a state of sleep.

In Gurdjieff’s terms, a state of sleep occurs during waking consciousness. The Buddha’s teaching that Conditioned Arising keeps us from knowing the truth of reality, and what we think we know, is not always what is real, and it is up to us to work to sort that out. This is the purpose of Gurdjieff’s teaching on self-remembering. If we truly practiced self-remembering we would observe our almost continual state of mechanicalness, and develop a true desire to awaken from this automatic state we are in. This too is the point of the Gospels and Jesus’s teachings on forgiveness.

My apologies for tossing concepts from several different religions and philosophies in here, but for me the fact that religions and philosophies exist to help humankind out of this mire is living proof that the spiritual is always ready to assist us on this often contentious journey through physical life. The Norns in teaching me, built what they taught me on the foundation of what I had learned growing up with a Mom who was a Sunday school teacher, and later on what I learned in the Gurdjieff work from Ann Kelly and Donald Petacchi. Because of my analytical mind the questions often cross traditions, but the Norns don’t mind.

So I think tossing Martin Luther’s misguided teaching on the topic of original sin aside oh so gratefully, I will simply get on with the business of loving What Is, and continuing my own work to stay awake consciously. This after all seems to be what Odin asks of his followers: the seeking of knowledge for its own sake, taking up the Runes, and following life experiences with a nose for curiosity.


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