When I am not connecting to Source for clients or putting my personal best into my day job, I find great connection for my own self and true restfulness in the simple act of maintaining my household. My husband and I have developed routines that are mutually sustaining and give each other a break. For example, I will make the Saturday morning breakfast and take care of the kitchen cleanup, walk the dog, and then take stock of this day’s particular chores. On Sunday mornings, he makes a luxurious breakfast of Huevos Rancheros, one of our very favorite dishes, that he discovered on a vacation to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. These are our “comfort” days, without the craziness I invest in the work week schedule, the “new real” of the Covid, or having to arrive someplace at a preset time.

The gift in the simplicity of maintaining my own household is just this: This is my time to connect to my own life, my own happiness, my own sense of Being. The reason is simple too. Time to recharge and renew refreshes me for the weekly fray of facing the world. It is my own personal time for “Stopping the World,” a phrase adopted from Carlos Castenada, that in Gurdjieff terms might be a pulling away from my identification with those things which I am doing. While it is true that the more personal force I can bring to self-remembering (see my previous blog on Gurdjieff here), the less “identified” I am, it is still restful to have a break from always needing to feel on call to duties that pull a certain amount of attention away from my center.

Afterall, it is with Attention that any work on self begins. It is with Attention that any Rune work or Shaman Journey begins. Each is carried out also with Intention and Perception. These are all properties of Consciousness. In the Norse tradition, Creation of humanity began with the three God-brothers Odin, Vili, and Ve. These three relate directly to these qualities. Odin gave the Breath of Life, or Spirit – Attention. Vili gave Will or Intention. And Ve gave the blood, the heart beat, the very rhythms of the interoceptive qualities of the body itself – Perception. Without Attention, Intention, and Perception, we cannot act within the Nine Worlds.

So! Stopping the World for myself today is a really great exercise in perceptual awareness and the ideas I carry forward about things. Soon I will be walking the dog and talking with the Winds and the Trees. After that I will be taking care of the dump run and with the trash comes another metaphor for my thinking about things. Are the habitual thoughts I am carrying forward into the world thoughts that are beneficial for my continuing and evolving work on self? Or are they detrimental to who I am and what I am striving to become? These days provide room for taking stock, ridding myself of worries, and creating new ideas for the days ahead.

And just for fun, here is another thought for the days ahead: It is December 12th, and only 17 days remain before we can gratefully call the year 2020: HINDSIGHT. May 2021 bring us positive changes for humanity and an end to objective sorrow.


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