I have a story that you will love. This was an experience meant as a teaching lesson for me, I’m sure! I finished up the morning chores, and went into the bathroom to take care of business, and there was a tiny bird caught in between the blinds and the window. No idea how she got in, never happened before. I looked and it was a Wren. She would not let me capture her to carry her outside. What to do? Finally it dawned on me, “Open the window, you idiot!” So I did.

No bird flew out the now open window. I looked. She was hiding in the Medicine cabinet. Now if you define “Medicine” in the Native American way, it adds to the symbolism! So I startled her up again, and she found the open window. The Guides said, “You don’t need the bird in the hand to open the window!” The Wren was an important symbol to the Druids! Well, I’m running with that!

The Lesson here was so timely for me! I had been making myself less in order to feel loved. But the deeper truth is that I need to give myself that love. The lesson is not about changing myself in order to “Get along”, but about holding my own light without reduction, no matter the event or circumstance in my outer life.

WREN, according to Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gom’s Druid Animal Oracle is about Humility, Cunning, and God. The card shows a Wren holding a feather in its beak protecting its young. In my case, the “young” I am protecting are my creative works. The Guides are telling me to get those books written! Also on the card is a bolt of lightning representing Taranis, the bull-god of thunder, lightning, the oak tree, and the Wren. I interpret these as inspiration, communication with the Divine, strength, and yes, cunning.

The Wren, Drui-en, reminds me to see the beauty of God and Goddess in all things. There need be no hierarchy in my thoughts that one thing is better, more beautiful, or powerful than another. I can be cunning, tempered with humility and good will, in accomplishing what I need to accomplish. I have the power now to face life and its difficulties and accomplish what I need to. The other side of the coin, is that perhaps my humility and gentleness make me invisible to others who tend to be demanding and disrespectful of my time and energy. Well, I have been shouting back lately. Instead of feeling trapped, as Wren was this morning, I open the window. I don’t need to have the bird, or goal, in my hand. I just need to open the window, and let the Winds in. I make my needs known to the Divine, and allow the answer to the prayer to come in its own form. I don’t need to know the how or the why of it. It just IS.

Let it be!


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