Thoughts on God – Coming Home

I’m new to polytheism. Although the Norns and Hela began speaking with me back in 2013, it took me a while to throw off the conditioning of a Protestant upbringing that insisted there was only monotheism and anything else was demonic. But as Christ said, by their fruits shall ye know them, and the Norns and Hela were teaching me ways to function from the whole of myself. I think this is good fruit.

They have the capacity to see into my whole being, and draw forth lessons I have already encountered, and then pose me questions in such a manner as to pique my curiosity and deepen my study. In my case, I am wondering if I am the only person who follows the Norse pantheon who has also studied Gurdjieff?

The teachings of Gurdjieff and my teachers in that work – Sally Ann MacLean Kelly and Donald Victor Petacchi – have given me so much. Gurdjieff’s methods of self-observation and self-remembering were initially explained to me by Ann Kelly as centering myself, and from this my lifelong efforts grew. There is a great book out on Gurdjieff now by Joseph Azize, that is helping me to put some of these thoughts into perspective. I hope to do a Book Review on that topic, but not today. Today it is enough to speak that my Roots in the Gurdjieff work feed my work with the Norns and Hela, because they too value hard work, and have taken me deeply into my own psyche.

This work has liberated me from many mistaken thoughts and ideologies. For this I am grateful. I have looked into many religions across the path of my life – I’ve been Christian, tried the Ba’hai faith, learned from devote Buddhists, and found Gurdjieff. But this Heathen way with its diverse beauty of individualistic powers is the lifestyle change I had been seeking. I feel like I have come home to something, a practice, a way, a form of shamanic practice that my Ancestors honored. That phrase “come home to something” feels right, so I am going to carry that forward into my day.

People may continue to argue over whether there is one God or many Gods, but to Gurdjieff, when we succeed in developing fully our independent individuality, we ourselves become as God, reflecting the Creation back to the Creator. And if this is true, then we are all “sons of God” as the Psalmist wrote somewhere. The Creation, after all, is an integrated phenomena, and so are we.


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