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I woke up this morning to the smell of woodsmoke. Sadly it is not the residue of my own fireplace, but the burning Canadian forests north of where I dwell. The events happening in the Earth now seem to demand that if one wants to live happily, quietly, and simply, one must change one’s perspective. I am practicing this awareness by remembering to stay as present to the moment as I can. One of the best tools for this practice for me is my art. What also helps is clearing and cleaning my home, and training my new puppy. Since his attention span is everywhere, this will take a solid commitment of patience and perseverance.

The Rune draw for today, which one can find on my YouTube podcast through the domain name Rune of the Day dot com, reads positively for this message of a creative life. STAN speaks of the need to establish a reliable foundation. Having everything truly necessary for life – food, water, shelter, and community – indicates the foundation for survival is intact so that one can begin to thrive. OSS, which evolved in the Anglo-Saxon F-U-TH-A-R-K from ANSUZ in the Elder F-U-TH-A-R-K, took on the meaning of “river mouth.” From ANSUZ meaning “the Gods,” OSS now also refers to the tremendous creativity of the head God, Odin, and the creative spirit he instilled in humankind. It is useful to get deeply rooted like the Great Tree in order to stay balanced within this incredibly powerful flow of creativity. People speak of being co-creators with God; remember we are powerful creators with our own inner god. The video recording for this Rune draw can be found here.

Just because I wish to live my life happily, quietly, and simply does not mean I should not be aware of what is going on within the political climate. It saddens me that the powers on the US Supreme Court have gone over to the extreme religious right. We make some progress toward greater humanity, and the pendulum swings back the other way. When the Norns, and later Odin, came to me during Mesa meditation, I was shown visions of the Nazi blitz kriege and genocide, and told to “Make it right.” How does one make that evil right? I am only one person, but I have a Voice.

I choose to be a voice for love and light in these difficult times. I don’t believe the religious right knows how far away it has gotten from the true teachings of the gentle Rabbi from Nazareth. It hates other human beings on the basis of our differences: Sad, just sad. People can be different from me. I don’t really care. I measure the value of a person by their open hearts and capacity to love others. Some of the kindest people I have met have been categorized as LGBTQ. Live and let live, I believe, but if there is going to be a pushing forward of hatred, I need to stand with those who push back. The Supreme Court of the United States chose to over turn rulings that benefited a portion of our society disadvantaged because they are not white. More is ahead.


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