365 Days of Prayer – Day 35

Sometimes I see that level of feeling defines the act of prayer. I connect much more deeply with my prayer when I have a very deep feeling about something. This in turn affects how I pray.

(1) I do not seek prayer so that others will think well of me.

(2) I pray from deep need or deep feeling.

(3) When I was separated from my child for a while, my deepest prayer was to have right relationship with him. My prayers were answered.

(4) My prayers are usually based from my most accurate sense of what is real. When my friend was dying of cancer, of course I did vocalize my wish for her recovery, but my most sincere prayer was for her to live well in her remaining time on earth, and when her time came for the best experience of dying she could have.

(5) There is a humility in praying that sometimes the answer will be “No.”

(6) Sometimes I must transcend my own desires, no matter how hard this acceptance is, with the acceptance that the world is ordered in the Gods time.

Dear Creator, help me, especially in those moments when I need such help, to always be in right relationship with You. Amen.