Urd, Norn of That Which Was

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Urd is the Norn of the Past, and my experience of her is the kindness, impartiality, patience, and truth of the in-depth going within that she has guided me through. She first came with her sisters, Verdhandi and Skuld on the night of a full moon at the invitation of the Elohim of the West Kill, a creek that runs behind our home here in upstate New York. Together we sat at my Mesa (I’m a Mesa carrier) and they showed me how to weave the threads to face painful memories from my past (Urd’s role), weave new potentials for rebuilding a broken relationship (Verdhandi’s role), after considering the probable outcomes, and deciding upon the best choices (Skuld’s role). As I followed their advice, everything that the Norns guided me through worked .

While the events leading up to that inner work are a bit too sensitive for me to want to make public, I wanted to introduce the Norns and testify to their potential role in any deep inner emotional healing process. It is not that I visit the Norns to avoid my own inner work or responsibility. I have to do the work. They won’t just take something away. No, everything must be paid for in one way or another, and I respect this. So when I come to the Norns for advice, I am ready to do whatever it takes to face down my inner demons, confront my own role and responsibility in those things that happened and that I am seeking insight for on what needs healing, and I come with an attitude of sincerity, acceptance, and desire for truth. This last point is especially important.

A desire for truth is adamantly important, because without it, I cannot break away from the chains of my own ego that bind me from blaming someone else for my situation. I cannot break away from the chains of ego that blind me to seeing the truth of myself. When I sat down with the Norns on that faraway day seven years ago, I had to transform within myself the hatred I carried at my ex-husband so that I could overcome problems generated in my relationship with my son. My precious son. So I did that work. I held a citrine, a stone that had come to me angry, and had already taken some hits for me, and a stone that I had already worked with during previous processes of atonement ( I wanted for humor to write a-stonement). Together that citrine and I worked through anger, forgiveness, and the transformational power of love. Today that citrine is retired on my altar for all it has given me.

I go to the Norns for far more than working through old problems. I go to Urd’s Well in my prayers, my dreams, and my shamanic practice, where my heart engages in such loving service to the world as I might engage in. I visit Urd’s Well when I am in personal need of rebalancing and I know they will give me such work as will fit my need. The Norns will accept the spirit of most forms of work that I offer them – doing the dishes, cleaning the house, needle work of any variety. The only time they refuse my offer of meaningful work is when I am harboring a negative emotion, which will make the work a moot point in fruitlessness. Then it becomes my inner work again to straighten my shit out.

The Norns have sent me to Mengloth, the Jotun of healing. Mengloth lives near Mimir’s Well, on Healing Mountain. I believe that Urd’s Well is the well we visit to learn the cause and effect of our actions. Mim’s Well has a higher price: To gain a reading from Mimir’s Well, you must pay something of value, as Odin offered his eye. To gain a reading from Mimir’s Well, you must have a strong sense of need.

There is another Well on Yggdrasil, and that is Hvergelmer in Niflheim on the border of Helheim. While this is strictly UPG, I have been told by Hela that Hvergelmer is the Well of Souls through which souls pass between the spirit world and physical life. Someday I hope to explore this further, but it makes lots of sense to me. As the Goddess of the Dead, Hela works with the Norns in placing returning souls into the world.

While I have rambled on quite a bit here, I had wanted to introduce Urd and her role in undertaking a Life Review. This can be a complete Life Review or a situational life review as mine was. A situational life review would encompass anything that a person feels strongly about and requires emotional and intellectual clarity on. As I was descending into the Abyss of my own emotional pain, Urd was showing me the threads of my beliefs about what had happened and clarifying where the truth lay. Urd showed me the mistaken beliefs my ex-husband held (and for which I needed to forgive him) in order to replenish my relationship with my son. She showed me where my own wrong thinking lay and what I could do to change that. The ordeal of facing myself in meeting with Urd made everything better in the present moment.

The present moment is Verdhandi’s.


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