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The women gather around Urd’s Well, eager and content to be together again. They have used the words of Invocation: “We are the Women of the Wyrd. We come together in service to husbands, sons, daughters, and each other. We are the Women of the Wyrd.” Word goes out, and the women come. Some are new. Some know why they have been called and some have yet to learn, to take confidence from the spiritual presence of the women around them who have come together today to Weave.

Urd sits at the center of the circle, flanked by Verdandi and Skuld. Urd takes center stage today, because the new ones, the most recent to have answered the Call, have yet to learn the most about their gifts, talents, and how their life experiences play into the wisdom they hold. “Cause and effect,” Urd is saying, “For every action, an equal or opposite reaction.” The women who have a scientific background nod sagely. For them, this makes sense. But Urd is taking the learning deeper today.

Urd is taking the learning deeper today, into repressed emotions. The women are at her Well, where people come to learn of how their fate (their Orlog) is woven with their destiny (their Wyrd). Every woman here today is experiencing her own lesson in her own way. Although the women are together, this is a deeply personal and individual experience. None of them are seeing exactly the same thing.

Susan is re-experiencing a painful moment with her son, where she still holds mother guilt. Urd is showing her patiently how to hold the threads to weave a new outcome for what had gone before. Verdandi’s hands overlay Susan’s in the demonstration.

Valerie is standing in anger at her mother’s inability to accept her for who she is, a gay woman. This anger is overshadowing Valerie’s own ability to stand as herself, which is not an angry person, but one who is strong in love. Urd is showing her the black threads which bind the light of her heart, and Verdandi’s hands overlay Valerie’s hands in the untangling of the threads.

Each woman here, Susan, Valerie, Sharon, Katie, Liz, and many, many more are each seeing their unique life story and gaining a lesson in the retelling and reweaving. Each one is willing. Each one is accepting, or they would not have come.

Urd is the Eldest Norn and stands for What Has Been. Verdandi as the Norn of middle age represents What Is. Skuld is the youngest Norn, and stands for What Should Be. The Norns live in a shadowy realm that stands outside of Time, and they oversee the flow of Time while humanity is engaged at learning their spiritual lessons in the physical realm.

The women come to the Well in their dreams. The women come to the Well in their Shaman Journey. The women come to the Well in between lifetimes where they devote their helping hands to the work of the Norns and the Great Weave of the Web of Life. No one feels cursed here, because all understand that events that happen are curiosities and life lessons to be learned and mastered. The women come to the Well where grief and pain can be washed away in the process of gaining understanding. All are grateful for the Call. All are grateful to lend their hands to the Weaving of the Web.

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