Patience is not usually one of my virtues, but I’m working on it. As I age, life seems simpler taking each day “One at a time” and accepting “What is.” That was not true when I was younger, ambitious, and more impatient than I am now. I work hard and probably will have to well past retirement age the way the cost of life is going, and also realistically looking at the choices I made when I was younger. These are all things that I accept as part of my life story. “What if?” has no question in the past, which has already happened, and only has relevance these days when I am questioning out a new project, process, or way of approaching a thing.

All of that said, despite its challenges, life is pretty good. I’m glad to be older. Most of the stupidity and insanity and conspiracy theory that I see going on around the nation I hashed out earlier in my life. I am grateful to have the benefit now of the mistakes I made then, and will not be repeating. People identify emotionally with this or that cause, hold fast to what they believe, and this is how riots and battles start. It’s good to have a cause to believe in, because it does bring a sense of meaning to one’s life, but some of these causes today are not well reasoned out and bring harm to others. So while the nation sorts out its differences, I am taking a different approach. I am putting my “roots” in the soil of the land where I live, and finding ways to contribute creatively and lovingly to the life forces that surround me.

It’s not that I don’t care, I do care very deeply for our Constitution and “Rule of Law” and government “For the people and by the people.” But when it seems that the gift of freedom is taken for granted, abused, and not met responsibly, we risk losing all that our forebears planned. Our forebears made mistakes too. In their quest for land, they displaced and abused the peoples original to this continent. Two wrongs do not make a “right,” and the practice of forgiveness which is so necessary to moving forward can be a very difficult one. Yet it is so needful. And beyond even the challenges that face Americans as a nation, is the need to confront Climate Change and confront it hard with practices that we can individually do, changes that we can make in our lifestyle to care for the Earth. For the Earth is our home. Earth is the only home we have. To curb industrial waste, to curb our own waste, and other measures exist that can contribute toward a more sustainable life on the planet.

Well, I’ve aired my views. I will be waiting to see what happens, how we come out of this turbulent time we are dwelling in. Patience, I guess, comes in its own time. Sometimes I find myself waiting, and I notice there is peace in my heart, and I am content just as I am. Maybe this is patience.


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