Last week I was visiting with friends from a psychic group of women. Most of us are in our Crone age, and we feel good about it. The mistakes of our youth are behind us. One could say we are at that point in our lives when we are living from our best wisdom, gained from life experience. One of the topics of conversation was that people today are yearning for the voice of the spirit.

The word “spirit” comes into the English language from the Latin word spiritus, meaning breath. Myths from around the world have a Creator God who imparts the breath of life into the first human beings. Physical life begins with our first breath, and ends with our last breath. The word “spirit” has had many other connotations, such as “ghost” or its usage by indigenous healers to mean the illness of a thing. My friend John Naughton, who writes of the Revelations, teaches that a spirit may be created between two or more people – such as the spirit of a marriage, of a business, et cetera. Jesus himself teaches that “Where two or more are gathered in my Name, there I am.” “I AM” was the Name God gave Moses on the mountain. So, as breath, “Spirit” relates not only to the atmospheric conditions that support life, but the emotional connections and conditions that we create throughout life.

Breath is something that we all have, or we could not live in a physical body. Psychology, philosophical schools, and teachers of shamanism agree that a human being is a tripartite being – body, emotion, and intellect. As many of us are simply existing automatically from moment to moment, unmindful of the tremendous potential we possess, we forget that great “I AM” that was God’s promise to Moses. Lost in our own heads, trapped by the conditioning of all that was stuffed into our heads growing up, most of us remain unaware that the conscious effort to blend these three aspects of our being is needful in order to “wake up,” or as the contemporary saying goes, “Become WOKE.” To become WOKE, it is only necessary to align oneself with the great I AM.

For most of us to become WOKE, as it were, is a challenge to those in power who would rather have a population that remains asleep, subject to rules, hypnotized by the advertising industry that it must absolutely have that new car, that bigger house, or more wealth than the neighbors. People who are WOKE know that much of this is not true. One can be content with what one has, when one has sufficient means for food, shelter, companionship, and meeting the cost of life.

Spirituality does not depend on a religion. Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sufism, Judaism, Taoism, and Christianity, as well as pagan and indigenous, animation-based nature religions, all have a spiritual basis, despite the fact that religion per se, has gotten locked into outward customs that do not always serve spirituality. Here is where the discerning individual needs a definition of exoteric and esoteric. Religion serves as a basis for teaching about that which is holy, and can be a springboard for growing spiritually.

Those who follow a religion blindly, stubbornly insisting theirs is the only right and true religion belong to the exoteric ring of humanity, who do not question overly much or delve into the essence of the thing; they lack the curiosity to question what they have been told. Those who seek the heart of any teaching, however, have the potential to discern that at the core of each of these teachings is a deeply human road map for self-perfecting in the sense of being. It might even be said that science has a spiritual basis; were we to substitute the word “energy” for “spirit” we step into the realm of quantum physics and Plank’s overlapping energy fields.

Doing this isn’t too far away from indigenous people who see “spirit” in all things. Perhaps it is just a matter of language and how we understand words. “Spirit”, “breath”, and “energy” lead me back to an association with “consciousness.” Curiosity and feeling are invaluable resources for exploring the consciousness of beings and things around you. Our bodies are very fine instruments for sensing the energetic fields within our environment. You can walk barefoot on the Earth and experience an electrical charge or energy exchange that offers a sensation of well-being that you don’t sense with shoes on. Or you can walk into a room of people who have been negatively talking about you and feel the edginess within their sudden silence.

To “wake up” in any moment is as simple (and as difficult) as remembering yourself by centering and collecting yourself. It is simple to do, but requires constancy of practice. Consciously pull your energy back to yourself from wherever you have invested it, then center and ground that energy – your energy – in your own body. For me it helps to practice attention to the sensations of my body. This keeps my awareness centered on myself, my process, and my practice of this technique. Another trick I use is to imagine my being dwelling in my body as a great tree with roots and crown that anchor me between heaven and earth. This could be the Tree of Life. For me this is Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life of my Heathen ancestors. For others it is the Tree in Eden, or the Tree of the Kabbalah.

Since I was a young child, I sensed the voices of consciousness in the trees, the winds, the earth, the sun, and the moon. I felt these things much more keenly before education and educators undertook to stuff my head with such knowledge as they thought necessary. I was ridiculed for being a daydreamer. Gradually this inner awareness came back to me, and I shared with my own son the wonderment I found in the life of the forests, meadows, and waterways. I don’t believe it is too late for any of us to reclaim that sense of wonderment, which in itself can lead to a deeply spiritual appreciation for the life force energy itself, whether you find your personal terminology based in religion, science, or nature. I dare you to go outside, find a tree to hug, talk to the winds or the creek, pick up a quartz crystal and feel the vibe. Open yourself, expand yourself, appreciate the life you essentially find. And by the way, enjoy your day.


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