Weekly Rune Draw for April 14 to April 20, 2019

This Sunday is the weekly Rune Draw for April 14 to April 20, 2019. These Runes are from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. JERA, the first Rune, represents the cycles of life as experienced through the seasons of Nature. The contrast of the warm and cold halves of the year speak to Contrast. Contrast is a way in which we learn to understand the world and by which we define our experience.









The second Rune, DAGAZ, also infers contrast in its paired aspects of Day and Night. Daylight becomes a symbol for enlightenment as we move from life experience to life experience. We gain wisdom as we ponder our life experiences for what we have learned. For many of us the past few weeks have provided a trial by fire as we have cleaned mental house and adapted to challenges that have arisen in life that have demanded of us an ability to stand firm in our own integrity.









The final Rune, KAUN, evolved from the Elder Futhark’s KENAZ, retaining the earlier meaning with the added meaning of things that we have learned through pain. Pain teaches us what to avoid or how to structure a task differently. When I did my apprenticeship to the element of Fire, Fire taught me a lot about structure. I had to structure the wood so that the fire would burn well. So too can the contrasts of life teach us the routines that provide structure for our personal growth and the expansion of consciousness.

Contrast provides a structure upon which new awareness can take form. Today might be a good day for time in Nature to allow the cycles of the seasons to open you to a new way of knowing. New impressions fuel creativity.

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On that note, have a blessed day, and see you next week!

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