Weekly Rune Draw for April 28 to May 4, 2019

I realize in the video I got the date of May 4 wrong. I said May 6. I’m sorry my mind gets stuck sometimes on the math. However the Rune draw for the week ahead looks very promising. HAGALAZ indicates the potential for sudden change. Now I realize that any change can bring challenges, but if we meet these challenges with an upbeat mindset, looking for the opportunities instead of the difficulties, our positive attitude can carry us breezily through any problems that arise.

The next Rune YR, the Rune of the Artist and the Archer, indicates that a focused concentration on our goal is what is needed to carry us through to…

JERA, the Rune of Harvest, is also the Rune of changing seasons and the year. This is Spring, so this is the time for planting the seeds we want to manifest in 2019. A time of hard work and concentrated effort will lead us to the Harvest that we seek with careful planning and attention to detail.

I have news that I am very excited about! I have almost completed my book on the Runes and I anticipate self-publishing through kindle by the end of May, at the very latest by the end of Spring. If you are interested in a copy, please send me your email address, and I can notify you when it comes out.

If you would like a Rune reading with me, contact me to arrange one.

Wishing you a blessed week ahead!


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