Weekly Rune Draw for February 24 to March 2

Today’s Rune reading comes as a timely reminder that I, you, we are all human beings, and that it is our relationships  – life affirming or negating – that can show us as in a mirror those qualities of ours that we feed into or get out of a relationship. It is by reaching up to the highest that is within us, and by our willingness to take a deep look at these issues that we grow our souls. Step one might be to choose to drop the blame game, and take responsibility for our own light and our own shadows. The result will be another step on the ladder of conscious awareness. By doing this work we free ourselves for becoming Whole. We gain clarity, presence, and with those qualities, a greater measure of freedom and personal power. I leave you this week with a blessing for peace in the week ahead.

Susan Hintz-Epstein

Rune readings are available by appointment. To schedule one with me, please email susan.hintz.epstein@gmail.com, or leave a message on my cell 518-947-0645, and I will return your call as soon as possible.

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