Weekly Rune Draw for March 10 – 16, 2019

Wow! The Runes hit me time and time again with their powerful messages! Today’s message is the work we can all do on self to Awaken and ultimately the work we do on self will help raise the collective consciousness.


The Runes drawn from the Anglo-Saxon Futhark for the week ahead are Cweorth, Ansuz, and Ior. Cweorth is the Rune for the funeral pyre. What this means in terms of daily life is a strict mental house cleaning. Whenever self limiting thoughts and beliefs arise, catch them as they arise and “Snip, slip, delete,” as my friend Rebecca so succinctly said recently. When we take this action of mental house clearing, we can replace those self limiting thoughts and beliefs with a new and positive self-affirmation. If your thought is of unworthiness, change it up! “I am worthy!” “I am beautiful just as I am!” “I am loved!”

Ior is the Rune of the Serpent, and there is much that can be said here. The Serpent is the symbol of transformation and regeneration as she sheds her skin as she grows. She is the symbol of the kundalini energy that rises along the spine between the chakras, the twin serpents meeting and merging at the crown chakra in the sacred marriage. She is also the symbol of the sleep of the world. As we are captured by unfulfilled hopes and dreams and those reasons we tell ourselves why we can’t achieve them, we are caught in this round of sleep. Thus to do the work of mental house clearing is to begin and to continue to rise above that to the realm of the Awakened.

Does this mean we reach enlightenment? Yes, within our individuality. Enlightenment for us does not make us all the Buddha. I feel the need to speak this because of the “new age mental guru” types I have met and been disappointed by because I was not just like them. Each of us carries our personal blend of mistakes, successes, and memories that make us one of a kind people in the world. No one else will ever be just like you ever again. So let’s do the work, but as we do the work, let’s remember to celebrate who we are and congratulate ourselves for doing the work. It is each one of us, uniquely working toward our personal awakening that helps lift the collective consciousness from the sleep of the world toward cosmic consciousness.

That’s all for today, and may your week ahead be happy and blessed!

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