What is your secret power?

I often overhear the children on my elementary school bus run asking each other, “What is your secret power?” I haven’t been following the latest action comic trends to know what they might be watching on television or what their video games are, but I find the question kind of catchy.

While the children’s reference points may be removed from actual life, I believe we all have talents and gifts that contribute to the benefit of humanity. Maybe I sound like a “goody two shoes,” wherever that colloquialism came from, but I sincerely want to see humanity better than it appears on the nightly news.

I think of people I know. The dispatcher in my office possesses super powers of organization and kindness. Most of my fellow bus drivers have the trait of compassion. All love the kids or they couldn’t do their job as well as they do. Yet some are downright quirky, and can get passionately obstinate about concepts that make little sense to me. My husband definitely possesses the super power of argument. Perhaps he could have practiced as a lawyer, but he doesn’t find that breed too honest.

Sometimes the traits others find most annoying in us are our super powers. I think of those who have succeeded at something despite extraordinary odds just because they used their stubbornness to persevere. Then there are those who ask awkward questions at town meetings. Those kinds of questions annoy those of us who just want to end the meeting and go home, but sometimes the questions lead to better outcomes for the environment or for other citizens in the community. I have learned a new super power – patience, or a “wait and see” attitude – that can take into account various perceptions of events as they happen, and contribute to a weaving that is best for all concerned.

So here’s to “super powers” be they the children’s or your own! May we continue to evolve our humanity better than it appears on the nightly news!


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