I woke up this morning with the literal awareness of the Adversary’s presence. Usually for me this means that I am receiving a spiritual test on states of consciousness I have been working at releasing and shifting. Sometimes it also forewarns me of the energetic state of the world operating around me. So after saying the usual prayers for binding the bad, and blessing and guiding my day’s process, I set about preparing for the day. I drive a school bus as my day job, and I truly care for the safety of those people I drive. Asking for protection and for my own safety practices proved to be a good idea, because true to the warning of the energy of the day, we avoided several recklessly speeding drivers and narrowly avoided an accident with another school bus driver who was allowing haste to influence her driving instead of safety.

The entire process spoke to me about how important it is to engage mindfully with all phases of my life. I cannot draw lines between my various jobs, they all provide me the opportunity to be of service to others. Since I am also a Spirit Worker, I practice being very mindful also about engaging my protecting and advising Guides into my daily process. They were certainly busy today! Being mindful is something that we all can practice with a simple but frequent effort to remember to BE HERE NOW. We might forget, but we can develop the habit of often renewing our effort.

Change is the only constant factor in life it seems. Learning to roll with change and develop one’s capacity for flexibility and adaptability are useful skills at these times. As is humor. I cannot control what other people do, but I can certainly master the level of my own reaction or response to their actions.

To go beyond other people’s stuff is to take a close look at my own. Instead of blaming and projecting, I might ask myself, ”What is going on within me in reaction to their stuff?” Their stuff might be stirring up unfinished business within me, which gives me an opportunity to dig it out and process it. This can be a long or short process, depending on what is being dug up. This morning, the flow of the day struck the old cord of fear. I have done a lot in my life in order to overcome old patterns that were laid down in childhood. So to bring the topic back around to the feeling I had when I arose today, that mindfulness practice of centering and prayers for protection gave me the opportunity to choose the act of Trust over the reaction of fear. So far today it has worked out pretty well.


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