Winter, Digging Out, and Befriending Uncertainty

It has been a bit of a rough rock and roll here with winter causing me some difficulties in getting to work, so apologies to my readers that I just have not had the capacity to get online and keep adding to this blog. One day was so cold the computer would not function, and the next few days were time consuming in terms of digging out and the need to be flexible with the bus runs. For those who do not know, my day job is as a school bus driver.

Despite the difficulty in getting online, however, the times have been ideal for my goal of making friends with uncertainty and the need to accept “What Is” instead of how I want things to be. I have to admit that I have discovered in myself a real preference for my comfort zone, my set routines, and expectations. When these are not in place, am I adaptable or am I moody?

Well, some days certainly started out moody! But I do not want to be the frown in the crowd, so there are some things I have learned I can do to turn that frown upside down! (1) A gratitude practice reminds me of all the blessings in my life so that my thoughts stop following a negative down turn. (2) A genuine assessment of “What Is” can generally put my awareness in touch with the relativity of the moment. Things can be so much worse even as they could maybe be better. I’m glad things are not worse, so I stop frowning. (3) Spend some time with a friend. Whether I feel a need to vent or not, getting outside of my own head and into the goings on in a friend’s life feels pretty good as time shared and time listening and listened to. (4) When things are down for the count, I get busy. Maybe I can solve the current problem or not, but just doing something feels better than dwelling upon what I cannot accomplish when a situation is overwhelming. I might do some cleaning, a favor for someone in my family, or just plop down and read a book I have been meaning to get to. And FYI, I have been enjoying a great read, Healing the Earth by Tom Brown, the Tracker.

In the times we are in, many people are stressed out by the myriad situations in life. I feel it a personal responsibility to not contribute to the collective miasma, so staying upbeat is a personal challenge. Yes, there are sad things, and there are stressful things, and there are people who are rude and unwise going around doing rude and unwise things. I do not have to let these characters get the better of me, and I won’t. Finding beauty is easy when I am lucky enough to have Nature around me, a silly dog to walk, and a spouse who keeps me on my toes.

So how is your day?


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