Writers Write, Right?

Well, sometimes writers write. Lately, it seems as if the needful aspects of life sometimes get in the way. I have been working on a book about my experiences with Hela and the Norns, was quite enthusiastic about my editing, and my computer, which was uploading iCloud drive, disappeared all my work. So I have a new problem to solve or else retype all the text which I was smart enough to save to hard copy. It’s enough to make me wonder if Loki is involved, but he tells me he is not.

I was reading a recent blog by Galina Krasskova, and she was speaking of her practice of a Sunrise Ceremony honoring her Gods, and the land and nature wights that she works with. I thought, ”What a great idea!” and immediately put it into practice. As yet, my Sunrise Ceremony is relatively simple. I go outside on the land, connect energetically, center myself and check in with the local energies. After we communicate, I pray for the well being of those I usually pray for, as well as my needs for the day ahead. The entire process aligns me with the divine, and my own life purpose. I have learned that I no longer have to separate what I am doing from what I profess to want to be doing. The mental game is a process of separating one idea from everything else, and I no longer need those mental separations. Driving my school bus is every bit as much an act of service as the gift of being able to capture with charcoal on paper the essence of an animal so true to its soul that owners have cried. Plus driving a school bus is steady income that I have gratitude for, having tried to ”make it” on my own at one time or another during my life, and just not having enough income to pay the bills. So there is much good to be said for a steady job.

But I profess, I have to wonder as I look at these times we are in, why more folks aren’t returning to the job market? At my bus location, we are continually short of drivers, even though it is a fun job for those who enjoy driving and children. Has Covid made people overly fearful? Or has the government’s effort to pay people to stay home created a generation of those who want to continue free handouts? Or have some people decided that finding their life purpose is more vital than wealth building? I’ve sat with all three of these questions at various times in my own life, and I realized that each question is like a thread that can be woven into the moving narrative of my own existence. (1) Knowing that I am destined to die someday motivates me to make the most of my life and opportunities. (2) Free handouts are not free, because the one who gives them often expects something in return. Is that something you really want to pay? (3) And especially yes, honoring my life purpose is more important than wealth building, that’s why I work a part-time job to pay for life so that I have free hours to work on my book – when it has not disappeared into the cloud, that is. Still, there are points of disappointment in life that must be sucked up in order to move on. I am moving on.


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