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I often start my day with a Tree Meditation. Today I tuned in to Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life of my ancestors. I have visited here often, finding peace of mind and calmness in the center of life’s storms. Today I had no reason except that I love this Tree, and am loved in return. As I sent my Roots down to meet here, Yggdrasil’s Roots curled up around me. As I sent my Crowning branches up to meet here, Yggdrasil’s branches came down around me. I felt held and embraced.

I never quite left that meditation this morning. I took my long walk, and the land unfurled in front of me, trees on either side of the road, and the mists rising from the valley like the mists surrounding the Well of the Norns. I felt their presence around me, too, as They work, and returned to Them some of the blessings of the love I have found today as They do the heavy work of the world. I had a brief conversation with Skuld about the work I’m envisioning for the rest of my life, and She showed me some new threads unfolding for me to follow through in my Visioning. Life really cannot get much better than this for me.

The past few years I have been sorting out the “stuff” of my life, processing memories I had not completely processed, done the “yada yada” work of forgiving myself and others, and I have reached depths in me that were muddied and are now clear. As I type I look out my window and see the little red squirrel I have named “Nutter” racing down the White Pine, and I think by association of Ratatosk, the Squirrel who races up and down the trunk of Yggdrasil carrying gossip between Hraesvelg and Niddhogg.

For those who don’t know, Hraesvelg is the Eagle of the Winds who sits atop the Tree, and Niddhog is the Wyrm at the Root of the Tree always nibbling on its Roots. The Winds like our thoughts are always in motion and the negative self-talk like the Wyrm and the Squirrel always in motion with the gossip. This point of view is like looking at the Tree within me, and the continuous ascents and descents made during a lifetime between the higher and the lower selves until we learn to bridge them with our work in Middle Earth.

The only way I know to gain clarity on anything is to develop a solid practice of centering and grounding myself. The technique I learned in Gurdjieff school with Ann Kelly, but have found also to be a necessary foundation for any shamanic or magical undertaking, and it also becomes a way for psychic protection and shielding work. I also use it to clear my chakras before I come to the Gods. I find the Tree Meditation a great beginning for that.


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  2. Funny how your name popped up this morning as following me on WordPress after I spent yesterday sitting under an Ash tree and was just now reading about runes. There are no such thing as coincidences eh?

    1. No, I don’t think there are.

    2. No, I don’t think there are!

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